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  • Trojan Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Basket & Overpack Dead Weight, Handling, and Drop Load Structural Analyses M&D performed this analysis to calculate stresses in the Trojan PWR Basket and Overpack for dead weight, normal handling, off-normal handling, bottom-end drop and vertical concrete cask (VCC) tip over loads.

  • Structural Qualification of Modified PFP Building 2736-Z, Room 638 Canister Storage Cabinets. M&D performed this analysis to qualify the new (reinforced) PFP racks as a safety class component. M&D worked in partnership with the design and fabricator (HiLine Engineering and Fabrication, Inc.), to ensure that the design met the appropriate structural criteria and functional requirements.

  • Structural Analysis of K Basin Straddle Carrier (STC Transfer System). M&D performed a structural analysis for the straddle carrier, which is part of the Shielded Transfer Cask (STC) Transfer System. The analysis was used to determine and evaluate the straddle carrier for design cask support loads and postulated earthquake loads.

  • Structural Analysis and Design of the Hanford K Basin South Loadout Pit Cask Loadout System and Immersion Pail Support Structure. The South Load Out Pit (SLOP) of the 105-KE and 105-KW fuel storage facilities is the staging area for loading spent fuel baskets into the Multi-Canister Overpack (MCO). During the entire handling of the MCO within the SLOP, the MCO is contained inside an MCO cask. While lowered in the SLOP, the MCO cask is placed inside an Immersion Pail (IP) to avoid contaminating the outer wall of the cask. During MCO cask handling operations near the SLOP, various drop accidents have been postulated. Cask drops onto the Immersion Pail Support Structure (IPSS) result in impact reactions at the IPSS/SLOP interfaces. Damage to the SLOP reinforced concrete structure could result in unacceptable leakage of the K Basin shielding water. M&D prepared a series of analyses to demonstrate the adequacy of the SLOP and IPSS for postulated MCO cask drops. Analytical methods used in the qualification included non-linear impact analysis, fluid-structure interaction analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and classical fluid dynamics.

  • Multi-Canister Overpack (MCO) Handling Machine (MHM). The MCO handles large canisters of spent nuclear fuel in the Canister Storage Building (CSB) at the Hanford Site. M&D evaluated potential damage to an MCO caused by an inadvertent movement of the MHM during handling operations. Due to the large number of possible MCO/MHM configurations associated with MHM movement during MCO handling operations, three configurations were identified as the most critical and selected for detailed study. The results of the evaluation were used to support development of the Canister Storage Building (CSB) Safety Analysis Report (SAR).

  • Scoping Structural Analysis of MCO for Off-Normal Events. M&D prepared this calculation to address the potential breach of a Multi-Canister Overpack (MCO) due to an accidental horizontal movement of the MCO Handling Machine (MHM) while raising or lowering an MCO within the Canister Storage Building (CSB).

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