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  • Multi-Canister Overpack (MCO) Handling Machine (MHM). The MHM handles large canisters of spent nuclear fuel in the Canister Storage Building at the Hanford Site. M&D performed a nonlinear time-history seismic analysis of the MHM. The analysis predicted that sliding and uplifting motion would occur during a seismic event. The results of M&Dís analysis prompted the design of a new trolley uplift restraint for the MHM. M&D also performed in-situ testing of the Electrical Control Cabinets for the MHM. The purpose of the testing was to determine the natural frequencies of the MHM trolley and the Electrical Control Panel Mounting Boards on the trolley operating floor. The results of the tests were used in computer models of the electrical panels to determine the In-Structure Response Spectra of the equipment for the purpose of seismic qualification of electrical relays and contactors.

  • Hanford K Basin Fuel Retrieval System (FRS) Seismic Analysis. M&D qualified the FRS safety class in-pool equipment for seismic loads using a nonlinear time-history analysis. The results of the analysis allowed the equipment to be qualified as free-standing and precluded the need for an expensive and complex seismic restraint system. A second part of the seismic analysis was to qualify the FRS equipment for accidental impact loads caused by falling equipment during a seismic event. M&D defined bounding accident conditions, demonstrated acceptable design margin by performing nonlinear impact analysis, and documented acceptable configuration of FRS components.

  • Sludge Transport System Trailer. M&D was responsible for demonstrating that the trailer would not overturn during a design basis seismic event. A detailed finite element model previously used for qualifying the trailer for transportation loads was modified to add the characteristics of the suspension system. Suspension air bags, roll stiffness, tire stiffness, and the landing gear interface with the ground were all simulated. Multiple time histories representing earthquake motions were applied to the model.

  • Seismic Qualification of PFP Storage Cubicles for New Fuel Storage Racks. The Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP) stores Special Nuclear Material (SNM) contained within canisters. M&D prepared this report to qualify the design of the storage racks as a safety class (PC-3) component. M&D worked in partnership with the designer and fabricator (HiLine Engineering and Fabrication, Inc.), to ensure that the design met the appropriate structural criteria and functional requirements.

  • Fuel Transfer System. As part of the Hanford Spent Nuclear Fuel project, a new Fuel Transfer System has been added to the 50-year old K Basin concrete structure. The new system adds significant loads to the structure. M&D performed various analyses to qualify the structure for seismic and operational loads associated with the new equipment.

  • Structural Seismic Evaluation for the Cask Transport Trailer in the Canister Storage Building (CSB). M&D provided the analysis for this project to evaluate the Hanford Cask Transportation Trailer System for a postulated seismic event while parked in the CSB Facility. Trailer tipping and possible interaction hazards with adjacent safety systems were reviewed.

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